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Duncan Pulse LED yo-yo
Duncan Pulse LED yo-yo
Duncan Pulse LED yo-yo

Duncan Pulse LED yo-yo

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Not only the best light-up yo-yo on the market, but the Duncan Pulse Yo-yo is a high-quality, perfectly balanced, ball-bearing yo-yo that is actually unique, and affordable. New lighting technology offers increased colour changing lights and patterns with each second of increased spin time. It turns a standard 2-handed performance into a fantastic show of light and colour!

Comes with batteries inside plus and two extra batteries.

Product features:

  • High-speed ball-bearing axle
  • Aerodynamic rim-weighted shape
  • Long spin-times - great for wrap-style tricks
  • Uses Duncan friction stickers for perfect response

Product specifications:

  • Type - ball bearing
  • Sidecaps - fixed
  • Play - looping
  • Response - friction sticker
  • Colours - clear