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Lockdown latest and Seagull Shop sale

Since the Covid crisis hit, we've delivered 80 socially-distanced shows to 1,600 children and families across the UK. Wherever you live, it's a sad reality that you don't have to look far to find children who are growing up without enjoying the full range of creativity, laughter and warmth that we believe every child deserves as the basics of a happy childhood. And we’re seeing already tough situations somehow get more difficult and less hopeful this year.

With a new lockdown, our projects are being rapidly reworked so we can safely resume our work in the UK - and also get back out to the refugee camps of Greece, where love, light and laughter are more desperately and urgently needed than they've ever been.

To help you keep playing through lockdown and to start building funds for relaunching our projects, we've put a 25% discount sale on everything in our shop for the duration of this lockdown. So when you buy something, every penny goes to funding our UK work when it resumes, and to helping us finalise the adaptations we've made that should allow us to safely and responsibly return to the kids in Lesbos and Samos - more news on that soon!