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Juggle Dream 120g Thud Juggling Ball (set of three)

Juggle Dream 120g Thud Juggling Ball (set of three)

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Sold as a set of three, in the classic "beach" colours

These 120g bean bag juggling balls are probably our most popular. They are a great quality ball for the price, ideal for jugglers on a budget or people looking for a starter set of balls that are a considerable step up from the standard "toy shop" ball.

These balls are filled with seed, feature strong yet subtle stitching and have a nice squeeze to them.

A 120g weight is a good size for small hands or older practitioners looking to do some numbers juggling.

If you're looking for a first set of balls that look professional and juggle great, then three of these is a great place to start.

Weight: 120g
Width: 70mm

If you want specific quantities or would like to inquire about a large-volume discount, get in touch with us here.